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Best Snowboarding Movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube

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Looking for some stoke before your next ride in the mountains? Here are some of the best snowboarding movies to stream right now. These adventurous filmmakers will take you all over the world and showcase the best of riders, terrain, snow conditions, and types of riding. Personally, I look for a good story along with the riding like Jeremy Jones’s Deeper or Higher, or the all female riding crew of Full Moon. For those who just want non-stop snowboarding to a killer soundtrack, check out TurboDojo. There is also no subscription required for YouTube, which includes several snowboarding full length movies and series episodes. And who knows, by watching snowboarding films it might just make you a better rider.

Best Snowboarding Movies on Netflix

Netflix currently has zero snowboarding and skiing movies. This is clearly a problem and they should fix it immediately. We will keep you and this list updated if and when they ever bring them back.

Best Snowboarding Movies on Amazon Prime

The Spirit Of Flatness

This is a snowboarding film with a side of documentary. It explores the snowboarding culture of Finland on a journey to ride the remote Finnish Mountains in an otherwise flat country. Finland is home to some of the best snowboarders in the world and it makes me wish I had the opportunity to go to Snowboarding High School. You can watch the full movie on YouTube as well.

Release Year: 2018 Duration: 26 min


A pure snowboarding film from Absinthe Films, the longest standing independent snowboard filmmakers. No storyline, no talking, just incredible snowboarding to rockin’ soundtracks. Kick back and be inspired for your next ride or just have it play on repeat in the background. Instead of riding one location to the next it goes one rider to the next so the locations repeat throughout the film but you see how each rider hits it differently.

Release Year: 2017 Duration: 1 hr 8 min

Full Moon

Be inspired by this all female riding crew as they shred some insane lines. It showcases past and present snowboarding pros as they progress the future of the sport. This film stands out for excellent videography, editing, soundtrack, and riding.

Release Year: 2016 Duration: 46 min

Cosa Nostra

This is the first snowboarding movie from the Arbor Snowboards riding team. It has some of the best street riding scenes of all the Amazon snowboarding movies. I liked how they incorporated the falls into each sequence to give perspective of how difficult the riding was.

Release Year: 2017 Duration: 32 min

Deeper and Higher – Jeremy Jones Trilogy (2 of 3)

The first and last of the Deeper, Further, Higher trilogy are included with Prime. If you are interested in splitboarding, these are both must stream movies. They showcase legendary rider Jeremy Jones, founder of Jones snowboards, on his quest to go deeper into the mountains where you have to climb up the summits in order to ride down. There are no lifts and no helicopters out there. Higher includes some insane first descents.

Release Year: Deeper 2010 Duration: 1 hr 16 min

Release Year: Higher 2014 Duration: 1 hr 40 min

Warren Miller’s Here, There & Everywhere

If you’ve watched many ski and snowboard films you’ve likely watched one by Warren Miller. (He’s the OG of ski films and is credited with creating the genre.) This is the 67th film with his name on it and although he passed away in 2018 his legacy lives on. This movie flips between vintage Warren with current day riders hitting some of his favorite locations. It makes me want to spend a winter living in a van in the Sun Valley parking lot. “No one told us we were supposed to be cold, so we weren’t cold.”

Release Year: 2016 Duration: 1 hr 38 min

Best Snowboarding Movies on YouTube

There are several full length snowboarding movies and series episodes on YouTube. You just have to watch a few ads throughout the film. There are also full replays of competitions such as X Games, Burton US Open, and Kings and Queens of Corbet’s. With the ease of watching snowboarding on YouTube maybe that is why Netflix doesn’t want to compete.

As the Crow Flies

A recent film by Red Bull Snow has some beautiful scenes such as when they ride through the streets of an ancient city ruin.

Release Year: 2018 Duration: 32 min

Who Cares

A group of top riders shredding through Canada and Alaska. Some epic crashes. Short and sweet movie and some of them actually wore helmets.

Release Date: 2019 Duration: 18 min

The FIFTY – Peak Obsession

The FIFTY project is a series of episodes (all on YouTube) which follow Cody Townsend on his quest to climb and ski all 50 lines in the book “The Fifty Classic Ski Descents of North America”. Peak Obsession is a stand-alone film about the project and is episode 19 with lines 17-Meteorite and 18-Pontoon ridden with Jeremy Jones.

Release Date: 2019

The Fourth Phase Action Cut w/Travis Rice

From the creators of Art of Flight came The Fourth Phase. Since the full length film is not free you can watch this action cut with Travis Rice to get a sense of the epic shots. There are also seven episodes around the making of The Fourth Phase with GoPro footage with Travis Rice.

Release Date: 2017 Duration: 18 min

Frozen Mind

This is another Red Bull film which follows pro snowboarder Victor de Le Rue freeriding the mountains of Chamonix. There is some serious mountaineering up and sometimes down the mountain. They also build a kicker amongst blue glacial ice. Crazy Frenchmen.

Release Date: 2019 Duration: 33 min


The first full length snowboarding film by Vans. Riders travel around the globe riding in unique cities and mountains. In the essence of Vans much of it is street riding.

Release Date: 2018 Duration: 53 min

The Spirit Of Flatness

As mentioned above this is a snowboarding film with a side of documentary. It explores the snowboarding culture of Finland on a journey to ride the remote Finnish Mountains in an otherwise flat country. Finland is home to some of the best snowboarders in the world and it makes me wish I had the opportunity to go to Snowboarding High School.

Release Year: 2018 Duration: 26 min

Jeff Nied
Jeff Nied

Jeff Nied is cofounder and content creator of Snowboard Traveler with more than 22 years of snowboarding experience. He started making homemade snowboarding movies in his backyard terrain park and worked his way up to climbing the highest alpine bowls in the Rockies. When he’s not on his snowboard, you can find him training for a triathlon or marathon or walking his dog in Central Park.


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